Radon Exhaust Vent

The Right and Wrong Way to Install Radon Systems

When it comes to installing radon systems, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. As time has passed, we have noticed that many of our competitors have made a habit of installing them the wrong way. When a company starts to cut corners, it becomes a slippery slope that can quickly lead to a lower quality of service overall. We have seen that happen to some of our competitors, largely due to the fact that their customers do not know the difference between a radon system that has been installed correctly and one that has been installed incorrectly.

At Abodee Radon, we made a commitment a long time ago never to cut corners—ever. We’re very proud to say that we have followed through with that commitment and we plan to keep it forever. We take pride in the work we do and we will stand by every radon system that we have ever installed or will ever install.

As for the radon systems, we wanted to educate our customers on the difference between a correctly installed radon system and an incorrectly installed radon system. The differences, though subtle, are important and can make the difference between a house that is free of dangerous radon levels and one that is not. And everybody who knows the dangers of radon understands how important it is to make sure the radon systems are installed correctly.

Incorrectly Installed Radon Systems

The two most common corners that competitors cut are (1) to place the exhaust vent too close to windows, and (2) not using fire collars.

correct radon system      correct radon system

When the exhaust vent is placed too close to the windows, there is a chance that the expelled radon will simply reenter the house. When the window is open, a small draft is formed that pulls air into the house. When the radon exhaust is too close, the small draft is enough to suck some of the radon back into the house, rendering the radon system essentially useless.

Correct radon systemIncorrect radon system

When fire collars are not used, it creates a potential fire hazard in the house. Fire collars are used to secure pipes to the ceiling and floor to reduce the possibility of a fire that started in the garage to spread to the rest of the house.

correct fire blocks

Fire Collars

Correctly Installed Radon Systems

Radon systems that are installed correctly avoid those two problems at all costs. As pictured above, when we install a radon system, we make sure that our exhaust vents are nowhere near windows and we place fire collars on the floor and ceiling of every pipe that we install in the garage. By refusing to cut those corners, we have ensured that our radon systems effectively remove radon from houses and reduce the risk of house fires. Safety is our goal, and we achieve it every day.


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