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The Dangers of Radon in Utah

Radon levels are a major issue in Utah. As a matter of fact, radon levels here are higher than they are in any state in the country, on average. Back in 2011, KSL reported that over 30% of households in Utah had levels of radon that could be considered harmful. Due to the major health concerns that radon causes, such as an increase in lung cancer and other types of cancer, this presents a major public health issue. The challenge comes from the fact that radon is such a radioactive gas that has no discernable odor or color. Since you can’t see or smell it, it can be hard to know if you even have a problem in your home.

Knowing is half of the battle, though. There is a severe lack of awareness about the dangers that radon presents to the general population. If you actually have the knowledge about these dangers, then you can take steps to educate yourself on how it is affecting your living space and if you need to take steps to mitigate the radon levels in your home.

Our Radon-by-ZIP Tool

Radon levels across Utah are not uniform. Different cities and counties have varying risks of dangerous radon levels. For this reason, Abodee Radon Mitigation has provided a tool that allows you to search for your specific ZIP code to see what the average level of radon was, based on tests that have been conducted there. This is based on information that is released by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Radiation Control.

You can use the tool for yourself here.

NOTE: It’s important to remember that these numbers should not be considered an accurate indicator of what the radon levels will be in your home or business. These are only averages that are found across a geographic area within a specific sample size. Just because you have a low average in your area, that does not mean that your home’s levels are in a safe range. The only accurate way to tell the radon levels in your home is to get a radon test done today.

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