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How Winter Affects Radon Mitigation and Testing

Radon is already something that many people already don’t really understand a lot about. Even in the world of radon, though, lots of people are unaware of the effects that different weather can have on the effects of radon. In particular, the winter months can have a drastic level on radon levels within homes, making it an even bigger threat than it already is. Here are some of the big ways that winter affects the radon mitigation industry and our customers…

Radon Levels Can Fluctuate in Winter

The big change that occurs to radon during the wintertime is that the cold weather creates a greater flow of warm air that is escaping from your home. This causes a vacuum effect that can pull more radon from the soil beneath your home, especially if you have cracks in your foundation and/or floor.

You are also less likely to create airflow through your home during the winter because you want to prevent cold air from getting inside. This means that the radon gas in your home has a harder time leaving. In a stroke of irony, as we’ve gotten better insulating our homes to be more energy-efficient, we’ve also made it easier to trap radon gas inside our homes at dangerous levels.

In addition, the frozen ground around your home means that more of the radon that is escaping from the ground will be directed into the inside of your home, because it will offer the path of least resistance. Because of these reasons, radon levels tend to rise in the colder months.

Testing for Radon Can Be More Accurate in Winter

Even though radon levels tend to get worse in the wintertime, there is a benefit if you decide to test during these months. If you test for radon during the cold season, you will be seeing what is likely the worst possible radon level for your home, which gives you a more accurate impression on if your radon levels are dangerous. It’s also important to get an accurate reading in the winter because you are more likely to spend time indoors, breathing in potential radon gas.

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