Holladay Installation

Beginning radon level: 103 / Ending radon level: 2.7

We bid and installed two radon mitigation systems to get the levels to under 2.7. The initial test came back as 12.2 in bedroom below kitchen and 103 in the back bedroom.  We installed a west elevation and there was a normal framing wall upon the stone we placed. We put a system in the west side of the house and this got the level When we installed a second system and had to include a concrete retain wall, we got the bedroom under the kitchen to 0.8.

Good Footing

good footing
This is a good footing. The northern elevation required use to install this missing component.
The fan sucks the radon mitigation system out from beneath the concrete flooring.

Good Fan

Good fan
This is same picture as the fan only with the decorative PVC piping going up at least ten feet. The PVC piping is painted brown. The radon mitigation system is hidden from view.
Pipe is almost invisible
The painted pipe is almost invisible from the ponds. Radon mitigation systems SHOULD NOT BE SEEN OR HEARD.
We dug down and there was no foundation wall well. This was a retrofit by the home-owner as he wanted at additional height. This provide for a height of 8 foot ceiling.
This is plywood
This is plywood.
We had to build a retain wall to box in the sub-slab suction area for the radon mitigation system. The is on the north facing basement bedroom. You will notice the plywood with the all-thread bolts. There is white 4” pvc piping provide access the suction area. This is requirement of radon mitigation system.
White Paint
White Paint
White Paint
White Paint
The exhaust PVC radon mitigation system goes up above ground and over to the northwestern part of the building.
The hole in white shows the approximate location of the penetration piping.
fan is hidden by bush
The fan is hidden by the bush and the exhaust is at least ten (10) feet above the ground according to the radon mitigation standards.

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