Provo Installation

Beginning radon level: 10.2 / Ending radon level: 1.1

Before 10.2, intermediate 5.7, 4.4 and then 1.1.

The footprint of the house is 900 square feet. Less than half of standard for normal houses.

Exterior Installation
The soil in Utah is normally dry. There is a wet spring in near nearby park. There is no pathway gases from one hole. We had to install a second suction to get the levels down to below 2.7 pCi/L. We the normal 501 fan the levels was 5.7 and with a high performance RN4 fan the levels got down to 4.4. With a second hole the levels go to to 1.1 pCi/L.
Hole number 1 West Side.
Second hole on East Side to get levels lower.

Over 99.5% of houses are taken care of
two below 2.7 as the action level.

On previous slide show we reduced a 5a,250
with single fan!

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