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    Every building has radon in it. The life-saving question to answer is how much? Dangerous levels of radon are the #2 cause of lung cancer in the United States, second only to smoking. Living in a home with dangerous radon levels is akin to living in a cloud of secondhand smoke.

    Nearly 1-in-3 Utah homes have dangerous radon levels!

    The World Health Organization has a recommended radon action level of 2.7 pCi/L. At Abodee Radon, we believe that people should follow these guidelines about radon:

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    When you consider how dangerous high radon levels can be, it’s scary to think of how many people are unaware of this particular threat. Radon is a completely colorless, odorless gas. This makes it impossible to identify without a specific radon testing kit. If you don’t have a testing kit, please call Abodee Radon to get your house tested today!

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    It’s important not to wait to deal with high radon levels. The health of you and your family could depend on it. If you have a dangerous level of radon in your home, please give us a call or fill out the form below to start the process of getting a high-quality radon mitigation system installed in your home.

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